Todays mission, guitar for Nuno to tonight's Nobel Party in Oslo

At 10 am an e-mail dropped in from Washburn. Nuno Bettencourt needs a Washburn acoustic guitar for tonight show in Oslo. We are a bit suprised, we did not have the info that Nuno should perform in Oslo, nor is The Extreme or Rihanna on tour. Confusion!

 We soon realise that Nuno are invited together with Steve Tyler from Aerosmith to perform tonight at the Nobel Peace Prize Party. Well we love challanges and thanks to Norsk Musikk in Lilleström the mission is now completed. Nuno will have a WB910SCEB guitar tonight on stage. So don't forget to watch the show tonight when Nuno and Steve are raising the temperature in Oslo.

We have seen a great demand for Nuno's N4 lately, make sure to check them out. Click here for more info....


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